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New Way Same Care and Love

Updated: May 28, 2020

COVID19 has set us back significantly in our operations at Pilgrim Heights. For the first time ever summer camp has been cancelled. As sadden and uncertain as we were with this unfortunate news, we have begun a new approach with our camp! We have had a tremendous response with our opening to small groups and family units during this time. We are able to minister to people who need a safe, caring and beautiful place where they can seek refuge from the pandemic and other strains in our lives now. In fact, we believe that God's grace is abundant in our little space to be a sanctuary for families, small church groups and others who need a place to get away to communion with one another and holy creation. We have something for everyone. Let us know how we can serve you during this time. Your presence would be a blessing to our ministry. Call 641-750-3369 to learn more about all that we are offering at this time.

How can we serve you during this time? Call 641-750-3369.

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