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Memories That Last A Lifetime

As a Non-Profit Organization, Pilgrim Heights summer camps create experiences and memories that truly last a lifetime! Our curriculum stimulates understanding of the natural world, teaches independence, developed self-esteem, and creates authentic relationships between adults and peers. Each camp will combine the traditional camp experience with an empowering religious curriculum to help campers dive into their faith in a fun and exciting camp setting!

2022 Summer Camp Schedule!

July 31-August 2: You and Me Camp
K-5th Grades, $250
Previously known as Grandparents Camp, campers are joined by a special adult in their life for a fun inter-generational camp! Campers are invited to attend one or both sessions of this two-session camp! This two-night, three-day camp is perfect for campers and a special adult to spend quality time together in nature while learning about eh greatness of God!

July 17-21: Primary Camp 
K-2nd Grades, $300
In this exciting five-day, four-night camp campers will get to experience the Lord through exploring nature, creative play, music, and by diving into our camp curriculum "Whats's in a Name"! Campers will follow along with Bible stories as they learn about how God forgives every mistake and helps us learn about whom we are meant to be!

July 17-21: Mid-Level Camp
 3rd-5th Grades, $350
This upper elementary-aged camp will have campers diving into nature to learn about the greatness of the lord! With Our "What's in a Name" curriculum campers will learn how God gave them all their own identities and how they can use the talents God gave them to make the world a better place! Through nature, activities, games, and worship this is a fun-filled four-night, five-day camp!

July 24-28
: Junior High Camp
 6th-8th Grades, $350
Campers grades 6-8, will learn the true power a name brings and how God has given all of us special gifts that make us able to share his word and better our world! Through connection with nature, supporting activities, and exciting games they will learn how God invited us into a relationship with Him. This jam-packed four-night, five-day adventure is perfect for our campers who are still walking their path in faith!

July 24-28 High School Camp
9th-12th Grades, $350

During this four-night, five-day camp campers grades 9-12 should prepare to step out of their comfort zone!  Through team-building and adventure activities, these campers will look at how people in the Bible broke down assumptions and expectations and forged their own identities!  Campers will learn about how God's grace always surrounds us, even when we make mistakes! 

This year's camp curriculum is
What's in a Name!


Names have great power. Some hold special meanings and some come with expectations. In a lifetime, we may give new meaning to our name or take a new name. Along the journey, we discover who we are and how God equips us to care for others.

In this new summer camp curriculum resource from InsideOut, we'll look at how the people of the Bible confronted expectations, confounded others’ assumptions, and forged new identities. Campers are invited to use the sacred ground of camp to reflect on who they are as an individual and how they are connected to others. As we explore, we are reminded that God knows us beyond any name.

Campers will be assured that Christ’s grace meets us when we make mistakes and his love greets us when we open our hearts. As we grow, learn, and discover our true selves, we define our own name and find our place as a child of God.

Pilgrim Heights offers a limited number of scholarships for campers.  To learn more about scholarships please email

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