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PH Balanced! In essence the nature of this blog is intended to be about finding balance in life.  Along the way I will be sharing stories, observations, and some random thoughts about finding balance in life.  I will be writing from the incredibly beautiful and serene setting known as Our Sacred Space, Pilgrim Heights Camp and Retreat Center in Montour, Iowa.  Many of you may be familiar with this amazing place and others may be able to imagine some sacred places that can, or have, helped you find balance in your lives.

I am fascinated with the idea of finding balance. So many aspects of our lives are controlled by schedules, the clock, by other people and all of those things are important.  It is just as important to find the time to step away and refresh the spirit, to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with that which we name Holy.

For me, this little blog is an opportunity to find balance in my ministry.  It gives me a chance to share stories from this Sacred Space and encourage others to seek balance in their lives.  For now, I just want to say Hello!

Living with JOY!


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