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Looking out the window behind my desk, I realized that the world was extremely focused.  I could see details of creation come into focus that aren’t always so visible.  I could see the details of the prairie grass growing outside the window, the individual veins in the leaves were visible.  I could see the individual leaves on the trees, the sharpness of the shadows and the distinct lines of everything. Looking out the window everything seems clear with a sense of potential and possibility. The crystal clear late summer/ early fall air makes all of creation seem ordered – foucsed.

Personally, in this new ministry setting, in this time of transition, lots of life doesn’t feel focused, lots of days feel foggy.  It’s exciting and fun, but it is also confusing at times and more hazy than clear some days.  It seems to me that very often real life is hazier and not as clear.  It can feel as though we are walking in fog, the path isn’t as clear, the way forward appears hidden and life can feel overwhelming as day to day events press in weighing on us and leaving us feeling lost and confused. Traumatic events in our lives and in the lives of those we love and care about add to the normal day to day confusion.  In those moments clarity about the future can feel unattainable and the confusion can be stifling.

When that stifling feeling becomes overwhelming, more than you can bear: STOP!  Step away.  Look out the window, find a place to deliberately seek clarity.  Take the time to intentionally seek balance.  Take the time to let the path become clearer. The haze and fog will lift. It may take a few minutes, it may take a few days or even weeks.

I know that most of the time, when I feel lost, it is because I have forgotten to pause and let the clarity come.  It’s too easy for me to try and clear the haze with busyness, when the answer actually lies in stopping and investing the time to discern the way forward.

May your path become clearer!



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